The Treasure Box

What do you treasure
What do you seek
Where do you look
Inside, outside
Question life’s
Differ for all
What are your treasures

Health, wealth
Fortune, fame
Family, children
Knowledge, music
Art, name
Religion, spirituality
Adventure, home
The list is varied
Goes on and on

What is in your
Treasure Box?
Life’s journey
Fills your box
Riches to the brim
You’ll find at

More Than A Body


More than a body

five decades

Present here

to finally walk


I Am

More than a body

blessed am

To have always

Known a body

Of beauty and health

however, society

Heralds this body

For sexual enticement

Baby making, slavery


More than a body

And so are You…..

Detours! Life is full of detours. And plans, but mostly detours.  This site is about life and lessons learned along all the detours, side trips, and planned routes too.

I hope you find inspiration when you visit.  Inspiration, encouragement, and hope to enjoy as you go about the very important work of learning the lessons of your life.